Without a goal, you can’t score.

As a kid were always asked ‘what do you want to be when you grow up’. And the fun thing is, as a kid, you were never laughed at or judged for saying the most insane dreams or goals. Why. Because at that time you could be anything and everything you want to be. All answers were valid.

As we get older, were now told to ‘be more realistic’, were taught ‘to have more common goals or dreams’, and we are shown this ‘blueprint’, ‘template’ that we think we should follow to be in align with societal rules. But why. When did we stop believing in our heart and passions. When did we stop chasing.

I am 23, with a love and passion for clothing and fashion. As a kid I had a love for sports, but specifically playing and being active in it, whether it be soccer, baseball, football, basketball, etc. In the 7th grade, I discovered tyler, the creator, and that was my introduction into the fashion world. His bold colors and way of self-expression is what drew me in. After that, I realized the clothes I had didn’t say anything about me. As much as I hated being judged and judging people for their clothes, it’s hard not to. And because of that, I wanted to be able to tell my story and a glimpse into my interests and ideas through clothing.

My interest in clothing grew more and more. I continued to play sports and love it, but my dream was to be in the clothing industry. I wanted to create something people used because it also told their story. I want to create clothing that can tell someone else’s story and can make them feel comfortable in the clothing that they wear. I want the clothes I make and have a hand in to have a new story for the person wearing it. I want that same joy that I found in my first Golf Wang tee. That same love and care I had for my first pair of janoski air max’s. There’s a story that the designer embedded in each product, but the additional personal story that you have with it makes the product even more beautiful. Whether that story being that you bought that shirt with your first paycheck, the shoes you waited in a 4 hour line to cop with your closest homie, or you got these from your grandma. Everything has a story. With that story, I think, you take care of it more and more. You want to preserve in that same form, so that story lives on, that memory still exists.

With that love for the product, the clothes and shoes will last longer and you will want to last until it fall completely apart and lived through its life. My goal is to create clothing and footwear that has people wanting to keep that product for as long as they possibly can. I want the clothing and fashion I am a part of to help people not only tell their story, but also have its own personal story to it too.