born in tokyo, raised in san diego. growing up within two cultures, i gained two perspectives on everything. clothing was my way of expressing my found perspectives and used it as way to share my voice.


i graduated UC Davis with a degree in textiles and clothing. through my four years, i gained an interdisciplinary view of clothing – from the design, aesthetics, styling, production, marketing, chemistry, functional, social and psychological, to the economic aspects of clothing.


in 2018, i was a marketing, design, and merchandising intern at Roxy/Quiksilver. there i worked alongside the design team on graphics and colors of upcoming seasons apparel, the marketing team on conducting market research from direct and indirect competitors to understand current and future trends, colors, styles, and demographic appeal, and the merchandising team to evaluate product samples, analyze product sales and profit margins, and created a market analysis report.


currently, i am working as an allocator for Uniqlo, i evaluate west coast retail business, and control inventory of stores. observing the sales forecasts and trends between all 21 stores on the west to determine when to push or pull items to maximize sales weekly.


clothing and style has always been a way for me to communicate my story and personality to others. i am passionate in telling stories through clothing and giving others a voice through it along the way. i am a hard worker that can work individually as well as in a team setting.