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Good design combines functionality and aesthetics to create a story. Color brings the story to life. The colors create harmonies that insight emotion and visual appeal. My goal is to create and tell stories through the use of color and design.

Living in both Tokyo and San Diego, I was able to find the differences and similarities in the use of color from a cultural standpoint. I saw how people used colors to help convey their story to the masses, and invoke a feeling to create an emotional connection. 


My passion for clothing and style is a way to communicate my story and personality to others. Through the use of color theory, color harmonies, and the emotional connotations of color, I look to help translate stories into colorful projects.

Clients / Experiences:

UNIQLO USA - Allocation

Quiksilver - Marketing, Merchandising, and Design Intern

Rowan O'Connel-Gates - Davis Supper Club

UC Davis Tea Club

Imani Project

Body Craft Health San Diego

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