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The resume and portfolio for Shoei Shibata, a UC Davis Textiles and Clothing graduate. Striving for a career in the clothing industry.

Born in Tokyo. Raised in San Diego. I always had two different cultures embedded in my everyday life. I found clothing to be the best way for me to express myself. I was able to find my voice, and I wanted to use clothing to help others share theirs.

I decided to major in Textiles and Clothing at UC Davis to better craft my knowledge of the fashion industry. Through the major and my degree, I have gained an interdisciplinary view of clothing — from the economic, chemical, functional, social and psychological, to the design aesthetics of the clothing. Taking these courses helped me gain knowledge in the structures of each fabric and functionalities of different fabrics in clothing, enhance my ability in marketing the garment fabric to the right use, and merchandising the clothing material based on the consumer needs.

Additionally, I interned at Roxy as a Merchandising Intern over the summer of 2018. I worked alongside the merchandiser to organize product samples, analyze product profit margins, research market analysis, and worked with the design team on graphics and colors for apparel. I also conducted market research to understand the trends, colors, and demographic of the direct and in-direct competitors, through online research and attending tradeshows and events.


Clothing was a way for me to communicate my story to others. Although hating being judged based on my clothing, I also used the way I dressed to tell people about myself, my interests, my feelings, my thoughts, my values. The value of communicating one’s story to another inspired me to create a non-profit clothing organization, ONUS, that uses storytelling to help raise awareness of the causes and donating all profits to the various organizations, as well as a self-created branding company that curate designs based on a customer’s personal values and company message.

Through the projects I have taken a part of in my college classes and personal projects, I have gained interest in the clothing industry, and specifically Merchandising. I enjoy the aspect of being an influencer in assisting individuals to find themselves and their fit through the clothing they buy. 

I am a hard worker, that can work individually as well as in a team setting. Having a degree in a unique interdisciplinary major, Textiles and Clothing, I am confident in myself to utilize both the right and left brain to think creatively and logically, while also being detail oriented.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me.

Have a great day!